What is the Best Type of Foundation?

A foundation  is required for any thing that you build to last..whether it be a House,  your Unmentionables, a Wedding Cake or  your Makeup..You  always need a good base to build upon..so the end product has a perfect finish..


I took a picture or three of the most  recognized foundations; a CC Cream,  a Mineral Powder and a Liquid Foundation.. The samples are very large so the texture of each is easily determined.  Of course, there are other products that could be used ,but since these are  the most common, we shall concentrate on these three.

CC Cream helps create a healthier- looking complexion. There are just a few shades that blend to match your skin tone..Helps to conceal blemishes and dark spots..Very simple to use..several products in one..primer, concealer, foundation and a bit of mattifying! 

Mineral Powder is very gentle on your skin as it transforms your complexion to near perfection. It is silky-smooth and light and can be built upon..If you need a bit more in some areas..just add a bit more..it provides buildable coverage.

Liquid Foundation  is smooth as satin.. It protects, moisturizes and creates the look of firmer skin.. Minimizes lines and imperfections on your skin.  It is not  as thick as the CC Cream but gives full coverage.


I don’t think that there is a best type of foundation..Use whatever you like best!IMG_0199

This is my arm with all three types of foundations( put on in sections)..  When you look at the foundation samples their colour look quite different, but when applied they blend in and are nearly the same shades..so go with what feels best for you

I hope that you have enjoyed this brief comparison..It is simply my opinion on foundations..

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Chocolate Protein Dip

Chocolate Protein Powder Dip

This is a recipe that everyone will make a bit differently..It will depend on how strong that you like the chocolate taste and how thick that you like your dips..

Place one scoop of Protein Powder Meal Replacement in a bowl..Next add 2 teaspoons of cocoa, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and 1.5 tablespoons of almond milk..Stir  together until  it  is smooth..if it is to thin add a bit more Protein Powder and if it is to thick add more Almond Milk..

Serve with whatever fruit that you like..my favourite fruit with this dip are strawberries.