Is Your Makeup Vegan?

Hendershot District has lists of animal products used in personal care products

Wanna See What I Use?

Cosmetic products have been used for thousands of years. Cosmetic products were first used to clean the skin and mask odours then dyes for the skin and hair were introduced.. Next lips and cheeks began to get rouged and kohl was  lining the eyes and eyebrows.

In the 1920’s the mass production marketing of cosmetic products began evolving around the industrial revolution and women getting a louder voice.   Companies wanted makeup to have a longer shelf-life, so introduced chemicals to into the formulations of make-ups. The companies felt that the formulations would work better and last longer.  Women felt they could get a more beautiful look easier and more affordable…

Eventually, we became a bit concerned about what we were slathering daily on our skin  Most of us know the biggies to avoid lead, coal tar, formaldehyde releasers and mineral oil..  We also released what was done to animals during product began looking for cruelty- free products.. Cruelty-Free means that the products are not tested on animals but may still contain animal derivatives.

Webster’s defines vegan as a person that does not eat or use animal products  so I thought a vegan site would be a good place for me to do a it of research..A really good article that I found was 10 Common Cosmetic Ingredients that are Derived from Animal Products by Pam Ryan featured on ONE GREEN PLANET.    Here is a list of some of the “sneakier” ingredients..

  1. Cochineal Dye- Made from crushed cochineal beetles : the females eat red cactus berries so when they are crushed, a vibrant red dye is produced.   Used in lipsticks and blush.
  2. Guanine-Crystalline material that is light diffusing and found in crushed fish scales. Used in mascaras, nail polish and lipsticks.
  3. Tallow-Rendered animal fat that is produced by boiling the carcasses until a fatty substance is produced. Used in makeup bases, foundation, lipstick and eye makeup.
  4.  Gelatin– The boiled skin, tendons, ligaments, and the bones of animals. Used in creamy cosmetics and nail treatments.
  5. Lanolin–The greasy buildup in the hair of wool-bearing animals.  Used in lipsticks and makeup removers.
  6. Squalene– Extracted from the liver of sharks. Used in eye makeup and lipsticks.
  7. Ambergris– Derived from the waxy oil that lines a whale’s stomach.. This oily substance is used to make the scent “set” in perfume.  Used in perfume.
  8. Collagen – Derived from the fibrous protein of animal tissues.  Used in lip-plumping glosses.
  9. Estrogen – Obtained by extracting urine from pregnant mares.. Used in perfumes and restorative creams.
  10. Retinol– Nearly always derived from an animal and is a potent source of Vitamin A.  It is used in anti-aging products.


Vegan Products have known of these ingredients and have plant and mineral bases..  Plant have always been used to heal, soothe, calm and moisturize..  Why not continue the use of gentler products?

Here is one of my pet-peeves. –When you put on lipstick some of it will naturally be absorbed into your system..Oh wait, you eat a bit too,  everytime you eat a bit of lipstick gets ingested..There are several  thoughts of the total amount of lipsticks you ingest throughout your life..but I will go to a moderate total..Ladies 4 pounds and  Gentlemen 2.5  pounds..        SO.. what is in your lipstick?

Wanna See What I Use?