Easy Dish Scrubby

I have not knit for nearly 40 years.. (I was never a fancy knitter)…I have been trying to find very simple patterns..so I will feel like I have accomplished something useful!

Well I came across several Dish Scrubby Patterns on Pinterest and found one that was knit..  Simple and quick… absolutely perfect!

The pattern called for all garter stitch..knitting ever row..but I threw in a few purl rows to flatten the finished product  a bit..  I used a size 8 or 10 needles..(they don’t have the size on them) so I am guessing..and a wonderful yarn that  is perfect for this job..Red Heart Scrubby….the colour that I picked was Tropical..

Cast on 15 Stitches..I used two strands of yarn so it would make up thicker.. Just start knitting..Every fourth row I purled to flatten out the pattern a bit..After you knit three inches, about 22 rows, cast off.  Then I sewed down the ends..and thought that it looked a bit thin for  a Scrubby..so I folded it in half.  Looked great so I did a simple Blanket Stich around the edge..( the yarn is so rough that any stitch would look fine).

So my first Dish Scrubby is finished!