Should You Mail Out Samples?

As a Direct Sales (DS) Consultant ( My Company), it is essential for me to expand my customer base.. Living in a rural area,  mailing out samples becomes a logical outreach method.  I still needed to connect with people, who wanted what I had to offer..what better way than through Social Media–so Facebook was on my radar..

After joining a few DS Facebook Groups, my excitement grew seeing how many people were asking for samples–they had a need and I could help them!

Read the Post for the Want

I learned over time that you should actually read what the person is asking for..If there is absolutely no correlation between their need and your product, don’t waste your time and clog up their feed..

Here are a couple of my favourite examples of people not taking the time to understand a person’s need..

Need–Take-Home Bags for a 2 year old’s Birthday Party.                                                Answer–Self Defence Company

Need–Elementary School Teacher’s Gifts                                                                            Answer–Adult Toy Company

What Could Go Wrong?

Apparently,  I got into groups with a few questionable members..  Had a steep learning curve..

I have people dying to shop with you MEANS join this group and add 50 friends so they can  be spammed..

Guaranteed Sales MEANS  sales for the person who set up the group.

I want to try samples before I buy MEANS  if 60 people want to send me free samples..I will certainly take them.. (who can blame them)  wouldn’t have to buy for monthes..

As you can tell,  I have not had the best luck..I was way to anxious to send samples out….

What is not Going Wrong

Looking close at a person’s post..are they specific about their need or just seeing what people will offer..( again, who can blame them).. Are the replies the same to every person who has offered samples?

Keep a record of who you send what ….I sometimes see names that I recognize …so………

Contact people after the samples are they respond, if not just remember!

Samples have to be purchased, packaged and invest both your time and money so try to gauge who you invest in..

I have a FB Fan Page and think I have a plan for Sample Seekers..If I see a need, in a post, that I think I can fill, I will send them to my FB page (FBF page) and have them officially request a sample.. If they really want a sample, people will do the extra step..

Hoping you got a smile from this post..and maybe got a bit of insight into my Sampling Life!                            Thanks, Denise




Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Your products are great, the company has a smart compensation plan so why is your network not growing as quickly as you planned?

Well if the products and the compensation plan are good and other people are having great success, the only variable is you.. Think of it  you all have the same products and the   same trainings available so why do some succeed and other not so much?

Since you picked your company, you must love the products and believe in the do you believe in yourself?   Are you confident that  you can be a great consultant/representative and that you deserve all the success that you can earn.

You have to believe, without hesitation, in your abilities, your company and your future..

If you are confident in yourself then  it is your network growing system that might need to be addressed..

Do people avoid asking you how things are going, screen your calls or hide in the bushes when they see you approaching?    They may have sensed your desperation for results- desperation is not an attractive quality for anyone..In order to be attractive to potential customers, you must find a way to meet their needs instead of always trying to sell to them.

Look around your company at those who are having better results..find the leaders and see what they are doing. To be successful in Network Marketing, the steps have to be easily duplicated,  which they probably are,  just learn and implement them.. Watch others and then do it yourself–Success Modeling.

Your online market strategy is to drive people to your content..the landing page, funnels, and ultimately for sales.   The term Attraction Marketing is getting a lot of mentions in the articles that I have been reading.. Basically, you have something that attracts people to you..People want to do business with people that they know, like and trust..

An article on Wikihow “How to Attract Customers for Free with Attraction Marketing” has been viewer 38,869 times, so there is a huge  interest in Attraction Marketing..

In this article some of the points stressed were :

-be a trusted advisor..keep the customer’s needs in mind and problem solve for them..find a potential solution.

-teaching  demonstrates that you are an expert

-answer questions online can widen your audience

One of the biggest take-always  know your target audience..Who exactly are you trying to attract?

Another Article on Huffington Post.The ABC of Attraction Marketing Online–  by Kim Harris

A   Align your message with your audience in an authentic way.

B. Believe in your product and your ability to assist your customer.

C. Communicate/connect in a consistent manner; connect with your audience personally   not sales-pitchy.


These are just a few suggestions to implement to start the expansion of your Network

This could be a great help to you..but it is just my opinion.


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