Is Your Makeup Vegan?

Hendershot District has lists of animal products used in personal care products

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Cosmetic products have been used for thousands of years. Cosmetic products were first used to clean the skin and mask odours then dyes for the skin and hair were introduced.. Next lips and cheeks began to get rouged and kohl was  lining the eyes and eyebrows.

In the 1920’s the mass production marketing of cosmetic products began evolving around the industrial revolution and women getting a louder voice.   Companies wanted makeup to have a longer shelf-life, so introduced chemicals to into the formulations of make-ups. The companies felt that the formulations would work better and last longer.  Women felt they could get a more beautiful look easier and more affordable…

Eventually, we became a bit concerned about what we were slathering daily on our skin  Most of us know the biggies to avoid lead, coal tar, formaldehyde releasers and mineral oil..  We also released what was done to animals during product began looking for cruelty- free products.. Cruelty-Free means that the products are not tested on animals but may still contain animal derivatives.

Webster’s defines vegan as a person that does not eat or use animal products  so I thought a vegan site would be a good place for me to do a it of research..A really good article that I found was 10 Common Cosmetic Ingredients that are Derived from Animal Products by Pam Ryan featured on ONE GREEN PLANET.    Here is a list of some of the “sneakier” ingredients..

  1. Cochineal Dye- Made from crushed cochineal beetles : the females eat red cactus berries so when they are crushed, a vibrant red dye is produced.   Used in lipsticks and blush.
  2. Guanine-Crystalline material that is light diffusing and found in crushed fish scales. Used in mascaras, nail polish and lipsticks.
  3. Tallow-Rendered animal fat that is produced by boiling the carcasses until a fatty substance is produced. Used in makeup bases, foundation, lipstick and eye makeup.
  4.  Gelatin– The boiled skin, tendons, ligaments, and the bones of animals. Used in creamy cosmetics and nail treatments.
  5. Lanolin–The greasy buildup in the hair of wool-bearing animals.  Used in lipsticks and makeup removers.
  6. Squalene– Extracted from the liver of sharks. Used in eye makeup and lipsticks.
  7. Ambergris– Derived from the waxy oil that lines a whale’s stomach.. This oily substance is used to make the scent “set” in perfume.  Used in perfume.
  8. Collagen – Derived from the fibrous protein of animal tissues.  Used in lip-plumping glosses.
  9. Estrogen – Obtained by extracting urine from pregnant mares.. Used in perfumes and restorative creams.
  10. Retinol– Nearly always derived from an animal and is a potent source of Vitamin A.  It is used in anti-aging products.


Vegan Products have known of these ingredients and have plant and mineral bases..  Plant have always been used to heal, soothe, calm and moisturize..  Why not continue the use of gentler products?

Here is one of my pet-peeves. –When you put on lipstick some of it will naturally be absorbed into your system..Oh wait, you eat a bit too,  everytime you eat a bit of lipstick gets ingested..There are several  thoughts of the total amount of lipsticks you ingest throughout your life..but I will go to a moderate total..Ladies 4 pounds and  Gentlemen 2.5  pounds..        SO.. what is in your lipstick?

Wanna See What I Use?









What is the Best Type of Foundation?

A foundation  is required for any thing that you build to last..whether it be a House,  your Unmentionables, a Wedding Cake or  your Makeup..You  always need a good base to build the end product has a perfect finish..


I took a picture or three of the most  recognized foundations; a CC Cream,  a Mineral Powder and a Liquid Foundation.. The samples are very large so the texture of each is easily determined.  Of course, there are other products that could be used ,but since these are  the most common, we shall concentrate on these three.

CC Cream helps create a healthier- looking complexion. There are just a few shades that blend to match your skin tone..Helps to conceal blemishes and dark spots..Very simple to use..several products in one..primer, concealer, foundation and a bit of mattifying! 

Mineral Powder is very gentle on your skin as it transforms your complexion to near perfection. It is silky-smooth and light and can be built upon..If you need a bit more in some areas..just add a bit provides buildable coverage.

Liquid Foundation  is smooth as satin.. It protects, moisturizes and creates the look of firmer skin.. Minimizes lines and imperfections on your skin.  It is not  as thick as the CC Cream but gives full coverage.


I don’t think that there is a best type of foundation..Use whatever you like best!IMG_0199

This is my arm with all three types of foundations( put on in sections)..  When you look at the foundation samples their colour look quite different, but when applied they blend in and are nearly the same go with what feels best for you

I hope that you have enjoyed this brief comparison..It is simply my opinion on foundations..

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When You Want to Spruce Up Your Makeup in a Hurry!

Source:–The Next 5 Minutes

You are getting ready to go out and would like to spruce up your day look a bit..Instead of washing everything off..just add a bit of colour and contrast and you will look gorgeous.

1.Has your foundation or CC Cream held up?  If it could use a bit of touch up==just use some pressed will be good as new.

2.  Put on a bit of blush n the apples of your cheeks..sweep outward from the hair line and stop about level with your should be subtle..

3. Highlighter can liven up your appearance.. Put some on your cheeks between the bronzer and the blush..So you have three rows of product..but if you can see the three rows..blend!   Now put a bit of highlighted along your lower cheeks just above the jaw bone..this helps define your face..

4. Now do your eyes look a bit tired?  A touch of concealer will work wonders.but  use a shade lighter than your foundation since you want a lighter look.. If you choice to do your entire lid -lash line to brow, with eyeshadow..use a very light shade..  you probably still have eyeliner in the outside corners of your eyes, so why not up the game to a bit of a smokey eye?  Using your angle brush, start in the eye crease ( level with your pupil) draw outwards and connect with the  line that is already there.  Smudge the line that you just drew and if you find it too dark, simply lighten it with the lighter shade of eyeshadow that you used on the entire lid.. This will give you a subtle  smokey eye.

5.  Lip Pencil is great to use since it helps your lipstick stay put..and to keep from bleeding.  Lip Pencil can be applied to the entire lip or just the outline whichever you are comfortable with.. Put on either your lipstick or your lip gloss and you are ready to go..

These steps simply step up the makeup that you already are wearing..It is a simple transition resulting in a subtle yet elegant look.

If you are interested in seeing me do these transformation…please go to and you can watch..But please be kind, that was my first Live Facebook Event  and I had a “few” problems….I might get brave and redo it..but right now it is just my life..not always what I plan..







The Five Minute Face


There are just a few simple steps to getting your face ready to meet the day..

  1. Apply foundation or CC Cream..for extra umph, I mix some Primer in with it .
  2. Add some Bronzer..below your cheekbones..for definition.  Be sure to  blend in don’t want any lines.
  3. Fill in your eyebrows..I use an angle brush and powder.
  4. Outline the outside corner of the eyes…top lid and under the bottom lashes..
  5. Put on Mascara
  6. Lipgloss

You are now ready to meet the day.. It will probably take you only three minutes..

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Are Your Cosmetics Safe?

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Thousands of years have gone by since we began using cosmetic and personal-care products, be it in the form of body paint or eye makeup..Scented oils to clean and soften the skin might have even contained  toxic chemicals with lead and arsenic being common ingredients..

It takes about 26 Seconds for a chemical to enter your body through the skin..and  according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the average person is exposed to 126 toxic chemicals each day, just from their personal care products..So it is my belief, that we should be very cognisant on the standard that our products are manufactured to meet.

There are six common skin-care ingredients that are used in the United States but banned in other countries..

  1. Formaldehyde–a chemical used as a preservative..there are also formaldehyde donors which release formaldehyde in to a product.   one of the most controversial donor is quaternium-15..( might remember this being in  a baby shampoo)..Formaldehyde may cause severe allergic reactions.
  2. Petroleum Distillates:  The same oil that goes in your furnace and your cars  that is often found in mascaras..  The petroleum distillates are used as emollients are a found in eye shadows, lotions, hairspray and foundations..They have been banned in the European Union.
  3. Hydroquinone–Bleaching Agent used to lighten patches of skin called hyperpigmentation, age spots or liver spots..  It has been linked to lung irritation and tumors in mice..Canada and some Asian countries have banned its use in skin products.
  4. BHA: Butylated Hydroxyanisole–Is used as a preservative in moisturizers, shaving creams, fragrances, lipsticks and has been linked to endocrine issues and cancer, as per the International Agency for Research on Cancer. This chemical negatively affects the environment since it accumulates in water and kills wildlife.. The EU prohibits its use in fragrances and California requires a warning label.
  5. Parabens–Used as preservatives in a variety of cosmetics products.  They are suspected of being endocrine disruptors and may interfere with male reproduction function.  They are commonly used in deodorants and antiperspirants and have been linked to breast cancer.  The EU banned parabens in 2012.
  6. Methyl Cellosolve–This solvent is used in anti-aging creams, moisturizers, and serums. Methyl cellosolve is a neurotoxin that causes DNA mutation.. It is banned in Canada and restricted in the EU.


Newsmax  “states that more than 500 cosmetic products sold in the US contain ingrediants that are banned in Japan Canada or Europe”..That number seemed very high so I did some research..


The European Union has banned 1,328 chemical from cosmetics.

United States FDA  Food and Drug Administration has banned 11 chemicals from cosmetic

Health Canada has banned    499   chemicals from cosmetics.

The David Suzuki Foundation has issued a list of chemicals to watch out for:

1.BHA and BHT -Moisturizer and make-up..thought to be endocrine disruptors (interfere with hormones)..and BHA has been liked to cancer.

2. Coal-tar dyes..These dyes will have “CI” followed by a five-digit number on the label (in the US “FD &C” followed by the colour)  These dyes are potentially carcinogenic and may be contaminated with toxic heavy metals.

3. Siloxanes..anything that ends in “-siloxane” or”-methicone” falls within this category.  These chemicals are used as moisturizers in makeup and hair care products..but may interfere with hormone function and damage your liver.

4. DEA, MEA, and TEA–these chemicals give moisturizers and shampoos a creamy, foamy texture but can react with other chemicals to form cancer-causing nitrosamines.

5. Phthalates—These plasticizer chemicals male person;-care products easier to handle and apply.  They are suspected endocrine disruptors and reproductive toxins.

6. Parabens–Preservatives.. linked to hormone disruption and breast cancer.

7. Fragrances  (parfum) –Fragrances are considered trade manufacturers are not  always required to disclose what chemicals that they contain.. Some  fragrance chemicals have been linked to cancer and neurotoxicity while many can trigger asthma  and allergies.

8.PEG–These compounds are used in many cosmetic bases , conditioners and deodorant  they can be contaminated with carcinogenic 1,4-dioxine.

9. Petrolatum–Usually used for shine ad as a moisture barrier in cosmetics and skin-care products  ;They can be contaminated with cancer-causing impurities.

10. Sodium laureth (lauryl)sulfate–Also know as SLES and SLS..they were once used as industrial cleaners in car-wash soaps and engine degreasers..They now produce the foam associated with shampoos and bubble baths..  SLES and SLS can be irritating to sensitive skin and may be contaminated with carcinogenic 1,4-dioxane.

11. Triclosan–This antibacterial compound is found in toothpastes, soaps and handsantizers  .and may do more harm than good..It may interfere with hormone function and lead to liver fibrosis…


There are so many things to consider..don’t just blame the companies since we are the ones buying these products…As a consumer, you have to be prepared to research the products that you use and to possibly pay more for safer products..


Getting rid of toxic ingredients and replacing them with healthier choices will help your skin glow from the inside out.. PLUS you will be helping out your liver.    Your liver is the body’s main detoxification organ so has to neutralize every chemical that you come in contact with.  Help Out Your Liver!

This article is only my interpretation..please do your own research..I simply want to put the idea in your head!


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