Pinterest Has Saved Me a Ton of Money!

Wanna See Some of my Treasures?

Shopping has always been a great way to spend and afternoon or evening.. Since I have always lived in rural locations, travel was usually warranted to get to the stores.  The added travel time, helped keep the frequency of these road trips much lower ..

Now nearly everyone has the ability to shop on no travel time..nothing is ever closed and  the selection is limitless.  You bored-shop….can’t sleep-shop….sad-shop..,,happy-shop; I am sure you have got the drift…Any excuse to shop and it so easy….no makeup..easy-peasey..   I quickly had online shopping perfected….

I then began  to hear people talking about things that they had seen on Pinterest..some of the topics sounded in I went..  Pinterest is my EDEN..everything that I might ever want to see is just waiting for me to search for it and then it appears on my screen…There was so much for me to see and think about . how was I to remember everything?

Creating Boards is such a rewarding experience…the item is “yours”  and you don’t have pay for it…You still have acquired the item that you desired and  can go back to a board and see your treasure again. and again!

So I thank Pinterest for filling many of my bored hours and saving me a lot of money!


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