Do You Shop at “Second-Hand” Shops?

Did anyone else ever go into a Second-Hand Store and hope that you didn’t  see anyone that you knew?  Albeit they would have been there for the same reason, but that didn’t didn’t want to be known as someone who wasn’t wearing brand spanking new clothes..

Well, now it is almost in vogue to recycle goods..actually anything..As you are helping to save the environment you are also saving some money..Good all ways around!

We were in Value Village a few days ago and there were a few bags of yarn…I picked the one with a lot of yellow..and the cost for the entire bag was $3.99 and with Tom’s Senior Discount, it cost $3.20…and look at all the yarn!

Another great deal that I got the day was a set of Ladies Pajamas..tagged at $7.99..Tom got for $6.40..originally tag was $129.99..perfectly brand new..Hope they fit!

There are a few things that I try not to buy used..unders and shoes..but if  the shoes looked new..would be something to consider buying..


My favourite buy at a Second Hand Store was a gorgeous scarf..It looked new and had great colours and when I looked at the tag .. 100% Cashmere..Made in Scotland.. Yeah!

If you have the time and can find treasures!








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