When You Want to Spruce Up Your Makeup in a Hurry!

Source:http://www.facebook.com/DMHArbonne–The Next 5 Minutes

You are getting ready to go out and would like to spruce up your day look a bit..Instead of washing everything off..just add a bit of colour and contrast and you will look gorgeous.

1.Has your foundation or CC Cream held up?  If it could use a bit of touch up==just use some pressed powder..you will be good as new.

2.  Put on a bit of blush n the apples of your cheeks..sweep outward from the hair line and stop about level with your pupils..it should be subtle..

3. Highlighter can liven up your appearance.. Put some on your cheeks between the bronzer and the blush..So you have three rows of product..but if you can see the three rows..blend!   Now put a bit of highlighted along your lower cheeks just above the jaw bone..this helps define your face..

4. Now do your eyes look a bit tired?  A touch of concealer will work wonders.but  use a shade lighter than your foundation since you want a lighter look.. If you choice to do your entire lid -lash line to brow, with eyeshadow..use a very light shade..  you probably still have eyeliner in the outside corners of your eyes, so why not up the game to a bit of a smokey eye?  Using your angle brush, start in the eye crease ( level with your pupil) draw outwards and connect with the  line that is already there.  Smudge the line that you just drew and if you find it too dark, simply lighten it with the lighter shade of eyeshadow that you used on the entire lid.. This will give you a subtle  smokey eye.

5.  Lip Pencil is great to use since it helps your lipstick stay put..and to keep from bleeding.  Lip Pencil can be applied to the entire lip or just the outline whichever you are comfortable with.. Put on either your lipstick or your lip gloss and you are ready to go..

These steps simply step up the makeup that you already are wearing..It is a simple transition resulting in a subtle yet elegant look.

If you are interested in seeing me do these transformation…please go to facebook.com/DMHArbonne and you can watch..But please be kind, that was my first Live Facebook Event  and I had a “few” problems….I might get brave and redo it..but right now it is just my life..not always what I plan..








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