Now that you have decided that doing a Detox could be a major  benefit for your general health;  what are the steps?

The premise is simply less toxins in and more toxins out–sounds easy -peasey.  If it was a simple process,  you wouldn’t spend the time to read this would just detoxify whenever you felt it necessary.

We are bombarded with toxins continuously.. through environmental pollutants and chemicals in  plastics, food, cosmetics, it takes a major effort, on your part, to avoid piling in extra toxins.     You can use personal care products, that are made without chemicals, and make an effort to eat “clean” foods..

Let’s talk about my idea of a detox..I have read several plans, and actually did the Arbonne Detox and came up with what worked well for the Hendershot’s..It is not too radical an approach but is very effective..

You want your body to be more alkaline than the previous article helped explain how to accomplish that.   So begins the No List to succeed in a Detox:

  1. No Gluten
  2. N0 White Potatoes
  3. No Dairy
  4. No Caffeine
  5. No Pop
  6. No Alcohol
  7. No White Sugar & Flour
  8. No Soy
  9. No Peanuts
  10. No Processed  Foods

And to answer your question:  You will not are just removing  common allergens and chemicals from your diet.  You will just have to plan your meals and try to remove temptation, at least for a few days until you get the hang of doing the detox.

Your body is not happy when you give up caffeine and/or sugar but will adjust in the first few days.  Once you begin to get rid of the toxins,  you will begin to think clearer, be better able to concentrate and perhaps even lose a bit of weight..

I included Protein Shakes  in the Detox that we did, to ensure that we got  our daily requirements.  Lots of nutrition and they were simply to make and take with you..

Next Blog will be specifically on the Arbonne Detox since I have participated in two.



This is not medical advice..just my opinion..Thanks, Denise



Remember to Use Spices










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